Saturday, 18 September 2010

ACCU Conference 2011 Proposal 2

Session title: Web Application Development with Spring, GWT and MVP

Session type: Case Study / Experience Report

Session duration: 90

Speaker: Paul Grenyer

Biography: Paul has been programming in one form or another for over 20 years. After several years using C++ and a brief period using C#, Paul is now happy somewhere he hoped he'd never be, programming in Java.

After time in industries such as marking machinery, direct mail, mobile phones, investment banking and Internet TV, Paul is currently working for a company based in Norwich where he heads up an ever growing team of senior and highly skilled people.

When he's not programming and family life allows, Paul thoroughly enjoys science fiction, heavy metal and cycling.

Session description: In Enterprise Web Application Development in Java with AJAX and ORMs (ACCU London March 2010 and ACCU2010) I spoke about how to develop and test a Data Access Layer and integrate it with a very simple Google Web Toolkit (GWT) based front end.

In Web Application Development with Spring, GWT and MVP I will demonstrate how to take advantage of Spring's Model View Controller implementation to add Spring Security to a GWT application and show how an adapter can be used to map it onto almost any user domain model. I will then go on to demonstrate the power of the Google Web Toolkit when developing web applications.

Traditionally web based applications, and even some that make use of AJAX, require large numbers of round trips to a server followed by the rendering of entire web pages each time something is submitted. Coupling GWT with the powerful and aesthetically pleasing GXT widget library (which is based on the EXT JS JavaScript library used by web applications such as Nexus) and the Model View Presenter pattern I will show how to create a powerful web application that runs almost entirely within a browser, with much of the same power as a desktop application, only calling to the server to send or retrieve the bare minimum of data.

Throughout the session I will build an application and demonstrate each new feature by running and operating the application.

No knowledge of the previous session is required.

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