Friday, 17 April 2009

Broken Angels

by Richard Morgen (978-0575075504)

Broken Angels may be "the new diamond hard novel from the author of altered carbon", but it isn't anywhere near as good. It's not a bad novel, but I did find it took quite a while to get going. Once it did get going it was much improved.

In life, as well as in books, I like to know what's happening and why. Broken Angels is almost like a description of what's happening, without any explanation of why and I found that frustrating, but it also encouraged me to finish the book. Most events are explained towards the end.

Kovacs changes side a few times and sometimes that can be difficult to understand and follow. The violence and the sex is still there. In fact Morgan has stepped them up slightly.

I will be reading Market Forces at some point in the future, but if that isn't better I will probably let Richard Morgan go by the wayside.

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