Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mark Steel

Charlotte and I continued our love affair with Norwich Play House and Comedy last week with Mark Steel.

I've heard Mark on the radio on a number of Radio 2 and Radio 4 comedy shows, but I've never realised how political he was. Having said that he made a lot of sense.

We sat right in the centre of the front row again, but luckily we were ignored this time. In fact he didn't pick on anyone in the crowd who wasn't either late or didn't heckle on him first.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Mark was on stage for over two hours, with a interval. Very good value for money and we'll certainly go and see him again.

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  1. You should try Michael McIntyre. Matt and I went to see him in Swindon last month. He was great. Matt does not know it yet but he's getting the DVD at Christmas.