Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Whitby Gothic Weekend October 2008

I love going to the Whitby Gothic Weekend and this year was as much fun as it's ever been. I took a friend of mine who had never been before (a Whitby virgin no-less) and she loved it, although I did manage to drink her under the table on the Saturday night.

For the first time I didn't do the official Whitby. My friends and did the alternative Whitby which, for us, turned out to be lots of drinking in pubs a brief trip to a "bleepy" goth night, more drinking in pubs and finally Sexy Sunday.

I think the highlights were catching up with old friends, the Sunday night in the pub, followed by Sexy Sunday and, of course, Lewis Hamilton winning the formula one divers championship. Although I nearly missed the entire race as I was on the phone to my wife.

I seemed to do even more talking than previous years and have made even more new friends. Roll on 2009.

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