Saturday, 26 March 2016

Experts in Integration

Integration is all around us.  It’s what makes stuff work together seamlessly and, when done well, it means we don’t even notice it.

An integration is essentially joining two or more things together. In tech terms we all take advantage of an integration every day when we charge our mobile phones or tablets. Our chargers plug into the mains with a three pin plug where there is a large alternating current voltage. Our chargers transform that large voltage into the smaller, direct current voltage required to charge our devices’ battery.  The charger also provides a smaller plug which fits into our devices. Our chargers integrate our devices with the mains supply so that they can charge safely.

Here at Naked Element, we are experts in integrating radically different computer systems with very different organisations of data (map locations, for example) so that they can talk to each other seamlessly. For example, we can:

  • take your database system and get it to talk to your sales system. Or your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Or take any one or more of them and get them to talk to your website.
  • get your marketing system talking directly to twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Mailchimp or Google Adwords.
  • enhance any of your systems so that they can look up your clients’ addresses and postcodes directly from Royal Mail data and display their location on a map.
  • get your vital business process systems talking to your suppliers or clients systems.
  • help you remove that costly, error prone manual step between any two or more systems. 

 An ever increasing number of companies suffer delays and losses due to a reliance on old or outdated systems for sales, fulfilment and many of their other business processes.

One of our clients is a company with a highly specialised product; the nature of their product means the choices they have to offer each customer are almost endless. Previously their field agents would make notes of all the requirements and options a customer had decided upon, then enter the order manually into the internal database when back in the office. The potential for error was high and the delay between taking the details and fulfilling the order was significant in a competitive market.

We were able to build them a cloud based ordering system for their field agents to use. We made use of our experience of integration and data mapping to speak directly to their internal database to automatically place orders in their existing system. We improved the efficiency and accuracy of their sales and order process which resulted in a significant return on their investment with us.

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