Thursday, 20 December 2012

NRUG: Run for the hills, Ruby 2.0 is coming.

I don’t get to embrace my inner geek very often. By inner geek I mean the part of me that is still hopelessly in love with software development, especially at the code level. This is why I love the Norwich Ruby User’s Group. Pandr were our hosts at Blurtit in Norwich and there were about a dozen of us talking geek for an hour.

Tonight’s presentation was from Tom Crinson. Tom's been a Ruby developer for 6 years now, starting off with Rails and then learning everything he could get his hands on with Ruby. Tom was the founder of IPRUG (Ipswich Ruby User Group), he's run Railscamps and presented at LRUG too. You could say, he know's what he's talking about.

Tom spoke about Ruby 2.0.  It's coming along with some interesting new features too, some dangerous and crazy, some really handy, some you'll wonder why they weren't in there from the start. Tom gave us an overview about each of the new features, explained how they can be useful or not.

Although I don’t have enough Ruby knowledge to follow everything Tom explained to us, I followed enough for it to be really interesting. It was also interesting to see some of the .Net features that Ruby is implementing, like named method parameters. As the opportunity to get heavily involved in a real Ruby project gets closer I find I’m getting really excited. I can’t wait for the next NRUG!

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  1. Thank you for you kind words! Glad you enjoyed the talk