Sunday, 10 July 2011

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

We enjoyed the first transformers film, but didn't think much of the second. However the trailer for Transformers Dark Side of the Moon was excellent. The first ten minutes of the film, which featured the first moon landing, was superb. Then the film fell apart. It's not just that the Witwickey character is rubbish or the fact that the Autobots are a bit soft, but the language, the sex and the violence is way too much for a 12A.

Having seen the first two films we thought we were in safe territory. We'd taken our son for his 8th birthday, along with a friend, and my wife and I were wincing most of the way through. The language was very frequent and gratuitous, including at least one use of the F word. There was a lot of flesh on show in the opening scenes with Whitwiky. Once the film got going, there was a lot of gratuitous violence, including Transformers machine gunning humans in an office block through the window and Transformers vaporising humans leaving only a skull rolling away. What were the classifiers thinking?

As well as language, sex and violence the film just seemed to go on forever. There was a plot discrepancy where Megatron cuts Sentinel Prime's head off and a few minutes later it's on again when he fights with Optimus Prime.

Don't take your children to see this film.


  1. I forgot to mention that there is also a great deal of product placement.

  2. Ha! I did notice some product placement and that reminds me of the movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” I know that movies are getting more and more expensive to make with inflation and the decline in theater ticket sales but this franchise is not a risky venture despite how much people say that’s negative about Michael Bay’s directing. I think the action is better in this movie and how it is directed so I could tell what was happening which was my major complaint in the second. As long as I’m impressed with the special effects I feel I got my money’s worth. . I haven’t bought the second movie on Blu-ray yet but I will definitely watch this when it comes to my DISH Network employee service. I don’t even buy the digital copies of movies because my terabyte DVR holds all of my favorite movies and I watch them on the go with my Sling adapter. Saves me money from buying the same movie twice and I don’t even have to buy an Blu-ray if I don’t want to.

  3. The product placement really became clear when they cut to a drinks cabinet for no reason in one scene. It's always nice to see a Ferrari of course and my main interest in Sword Fish was the TVR until I realised it was a great film.

    I still struggled to see who was who and who got killed when in the action scenes with Dark Side of the Moon.