Friday, 15 July 2011

JVM Cloud Platforms

Tonight kicked off with the usual high quality lightening talks that I have come to expect form the London Java Community.

The two main presenters spoke individually about the cloud solutions that their individual companies offered. I know little to nothing about cloud computing. The emphasis was centred around Platform As A Service (PaaS). It appears that most of the major players (Amazon, google, etc) do not provide a private PaaS for testing and development. I find this astounding, despite the fact that I have worked with at least one major vendor who makes it very expensive to have a development environment, but at least it was still possible.

The stronger of the two systems described seemed to be the offering from SpringSource. Peter Ledbrook (Grails Advocate and ACCU Mentored Developers mentor) is a very interesting speaker. He has clearly been bitten by live demos not working in presentations before and, alas, he was bitten again tonight. Although, the previous speaker also had a problem with his live demo.

The more I hear about cloud computing, the more interested I get. With the two offerings this evening there is the opportunity to try it for free to get a real feel for it. However, I just don’t have a sufficient interest yet or a cloud suitable application to make it worth the while. Maybe my next contract.

You can see the video here.


  1. Cloud can be a nebulous term.


    So when you say, "The more I hear about cloud computing, the more interested I get", what sort of cloud computing are you talking about?

    Is it structly PaaS?

  2. I like the idea of publishing an application to the cloud. I haven't really got beyond that at the moment. So yes, for the time being PasS.