Sunday, 7 December 2008

MP3 Player with DAB and FM Radio

Ever since I've been thinking about getting a Blackberry I've also been trying to find an MP3 player with a DAB and FM radio, as the Blackberry doesn't have any sort of radio and I do listen to it on the move quite a lot. As soon as I started looking I found several MP3 players with DAB radios, but they all had one draw back or another (funny size, strange shape, odd aerial attachment etc). Then, almost by accident I stumbled on the Cowon iAudio D2 16GB MP3 Player with DAB Digital Radio:

Affordable PMP

The iAudio D2 does not compromise quality and features for its compact size. Cowon provides the latest innovations in digital multimedia technology to provide incredible video and audio quality. The D2 supports QVGA 320x240, 30fps video files and audio files including the high quality lossless codecs such as FLAC and OGG, along with the usual MP3, WMA and WAV. The D2 also provides a TV output for seamless transfer of your viewing onto the comfort of your living room TV. D2 now includes DAB Digital radio, alongside traditional FM radio - for peerless sound quality and ease of use.

Super High Quality 2.5" 16 million colour QVGA LCD Touch Screen

Raise your viewing standard with the D2's class-leading 16 million colour 24 bit LCD touch screen. You will experience finer details with richer colours from your favourite pictures and movies like you've never experienced before!

DAB Radio - Cowon leads the way

The first mainstream DAP manufacturer to include DAB digital radio with a headline player, iAudio have ensured that the DAB quality matches the rest of the D2's class leading abilities. Without a doubt, the best portable DAB radio available, it adds another feature to make the D2 the most complete player available today!

Sets New Standards for Touch Screen with Virtual click

An overlay navigation function shows the playback screen during video playback and lets you enjoy the convenience of navigating through other contents in your player. Detailed information such as file size, pixel resolution and format can be viewed while browsing through files that increase the fun of navigation.

Music - 52 hours, Movies - 10 hours of continuous playback!

The D2's long-lasting built-in rechargable battery provides an incredible 10 hours of video with up to 52 hours of music playback on a single charge! Wherever you go, free yourself from worrying about unexpected interruption of your music. The D2 can be charged via USB cable or standard wall adaptor.

Memory Card Extension

You will never run out of memory with the D2. Build in SD slot allows you to transfer freely from/to other digital devices such as digital camera, PDA and more.

Supported Memory: SD, SDHC (up 20 32GB) MMC, MMC-plus

Unrivaled Sound Quality
Class leading 74mW Power

The Legend Continues! iAudio, renowned for best sounding players, writes a new chapter in its dynamic and innovative history with the D2! BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, STE, customisable 5 band EQ accompanied by powerful output - your music will never sound better! The D2's power rating is amongst the best in its class (74mW@16ohm)
  • Max output - 76mW@16ohm
  • 5 Band EQ - Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Vocal, User
  • BBE - Adds clarity to music
  • Mach3Bass - Bass Booster that enhances super low-end bass
  • MP Enhance - Sound effect that compensates for lost parts of MP£ encoded sound
  • 3D Surround - Three-dimensional sound effect
  • Stereo Enhance - Enhanced stereo and wider sound stage
  • Pan - Left/right balance adjustment

TV out

sharing memories with your loved ones has never been easier. Watch it, read it, view it on your big screen TV or high resolution monitor. TV-Out is now standard on the iAudio D2

Multi Purpose Touchpen, Stylus and Kickstand

A multi purpose stylus & touchpen is provided for accurate pointing. It can also be used as a kickstand for extended viewing.

Now all I need to do is find someone stupid enough to buy me one.....

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  1. Personally I've avoided DAB radios because their power consumption is far higher than traditional analogue radio's. Maybe this doesn't apply in the mobile context.

    Now I have a new reason to avoid DAB. I'm not an audio buff so please correct me if I'm wrong but...

    As I understand it, DAB is a UK standard. The US and Europe use different standards.

    DAB is having difficulty reaching saturdation point, particularly since car manufactures aren't putting DAB in cars. And they aren't putting DAB in cars because it is not the European standard. And since some really large percentage of radio listening happens in car this cuts down the listeners.

    And consequently DAB can't reach the production scale to get the necessary economies to cut the price.

    And so, sooner or later, the UK is going to have to drop the DAB standard. And those who have DAB radio's will have nothing to listen to.

    That's how I understand it. Please show me I'm wrong and I'll buy a DAB radio.