Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cutting & Sticking

Sandler have a very different approach to selling to the traditional methods. I’ve been enjoying and have made good and successful use of a lot of the techniques I’ve learned over the last twelve months or so. Never before have I been armed with Norfolk Voice, Metal Hammer, The Guardian, scissors and a gluestick! Neither have my wife and children been invited to the President's Club before.

When Ermine told us that the first session of 2016 would be cutting and sticking and we could bring loved ones, including children, I was intrigued and not sure what to expect. However, it turned out to be a very enjoyable session. I took my wife and our youngest, Eddie (4), who was fully engaged throughout cutting and sticking Thomas the tank engine.

The task for the grown-ups was to create what is best described as an annotated collage of our aspirations and goals for the year. I always need to make more of my family time, but if there’s one other thing I learnt last year it was that I need to focus more on my business and not get sidetracked by other projects, while learning to say no to people (sometimes). I also need to do more things for me and make the most of the professional bodies and training I’m receiving by being more active. Flicking through Norfolk Voice and seeing the pictures of the Norfolk Chamber’s recent technology event also made me realise I want to be more like someone who is very prominent in our community. I included him on my collage, but I won’t embarrass him by mentioning his name here.

Again I learnt a lot and it helped me focus a bit more for the year ahead. Apparently, in December, the next session will be in the school holidays and I can take all three of my kids. Who knows, one of them might become the perfect salesperson.

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