Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Android workshop: From Zero to Hero from Paul Lammertsma

In this crazy 6 hour workshop we’ll kick-start your Android development career. You need an intermediate level in Java or general Object Oriented (OO) programming to get the most out of this workshop. Don’t be afraid to join if you are lacking in this area, I’ll help you out during the workshop.

We will begin with a general presentation on Android architecture and key concepts and a short technical presentation on what you will learn and do yourself in the lesson exercises, followed by 5 lessons themselves. You won’t be on your own; I’ll be constantly walking around to answer your questions or help you out when you get stuck. Finally, we will give hints and tips on useful Android tools and how you can continue to develop your Android superpowers!

Android Wear Presentation

The popularity of smart wearables has reached an all-time high, and Android Wear seems to have revolutionized the market. As a developer, it’s surprisingly easy to enhance your existing apps to use Wear features, but it’s a lot more fun to explore its capabilities! Join me in discovering what Wear can do for you, and how specialized apps, a unique notification system and gorgeous watch faces have won the hearts of gadget-lovers. The code included in the talk is open source.

About Paul

Paul (@officesunshine) found his way into mobile technologies through mobile device interaction and his need to scratch an itch for entrepreneurship. Co-founding Pixplicity in 2011, Paul has helped grow the company into a familiar name between Dutch app builders, with brands such as De Telegraaf, Consumentenbond and Mercedes-Benz. His passion for Android has always compelled him to keep up with the latest developments and share knowledge by contributing into the open-source and co-organizing GDG The Dutch Android User Group. He can frequently be seen giving ‘as-technical-as-technically-possible’ tech talks & workshops at conferences across the globe.

Paul's workshop is on Thursday 25th of February at the Kings Centre in Norwich and tickets cost just £20 + fees.

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