Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Taste of Chef on Azure from Alex Manly and John Fitzpatrick at NorDevCon

The ’Taste of Chef on Azure Workshop’ is a hands on coding session aimed at technical practitioners who want to learn to do more on the Azure platform with Chef. Participants will write recipes that describe system configuration policies, use Chef Provisioning to create new instances, automatically apply recipes and use Chef Provisioning to create a sample full-stack application topology that includes additional Azure services.

The workshop provides an introduction to Chef with a specific focus on Azure integration, and the course is intended to answer common beginner questions about using Chef, managing Azure infrastructure within the Chef framework and guide students through basic deployment scenarios.

About Alex

I have over 15 years’ technical sales, technical consulting, web application development and automation experience. I am an expert in JEE, continuous integration, continuous delivery and many of the toolsets used to implement these solutions.

I am currently a Solutions Architect for Chef Software, but previous to Chef, I was the Vice President of Product Development at MidVision.  I helped to design and built the RapidDeploy product which primarily is used for deployment automation of middleware systems.

I have previously spoken at many meetups and webinars including Beltech2015, the Jenkins User Conference in Boston and Berlin ( and the Jenkins CI User Event 2014 – on the subject of automated application deployments.

Chef's workshop is on Thursday 25th of February at the Kings Centre in Norwich and tickets cost just £20 + fees.

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