Sunday, 9 August 2015

EoEA: Apprenticeships are good for people and good for business & Born digital

What: Apprenticeships are good for people and good for business & Born digital

When: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Where: 3aaa, 25-27 Surrey St, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3NX


Apprenticeships are good for people and good for business 
Huw Sayer

Huw Sayer will explain why apprenticeships benefit both employers and employees. His view is that investing in developing people is not just a social good but also an economic necessity. He will look at the value of social brands to businesses – and personal brands to individuals.

Huw Sayer

Huw’s passion is creating engaging conversations that empower people, build brands and inspire change. He specialises in helping clients spark such conversations with their employees, buyers and suppliers. This involves researching, writing and editing content for everything from annual reports to social media.

He has over 25-years marketing experience, including time as an account director and analyst. This has given him a detailed understanding of all aspects of business communications. He now runs his own communications consultancy, Business Writers Ltd, with clients across Europe. These include financial institutions, government agencies, industrial manufacturers, technology companies, and food and drink producers.

Born Digital - What it really means. 
Julie Bishop

Why businesses need digital skills and what will happen if they choose to ignore this advice

Julie Bishop

Media Strategist, Social Media Trainer, Social Media Speaker.

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