Monday, 29 June 2015

Docking SyncIpswich

It’s been a while since I’ve visited SyncIpswich. These days, unfortunately, I only get down when I have something to tell them about like a conference or a workshop. Naked Element is hoping to change that and this was our first step.

Tonight Nigel Brown took us through the basics of Docker. Nigel has a background in Ops.  After 15 years he exited a startup he’d helped to create and been running and decided he wanted to get back to tech.

Nigel took us through what Docker is, it’s architecture and what images are and how to author them. He also explained a lot of the background of Docker and the companies, some of them very large well known names, involved.

After the break for more beer, pizza and some promotion of a new AWS group in Colchester from Elliott Stoneham, Nigel concluded with a practical demonstration of Docker which ended with an impressive demo of a Docker container running Ubuntu and Firefox!

I love attending SyncIpswich as everyone is always so friendly and has lots to say. I’m looking forward to making it to more of their events.

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