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NorDevCon 2015: The Hands-on Workshops‏

As well as Valentine’s Day, February hosts Groundhog Day, Thank a MailMan Day, Friday the 13th and most exciting of all - this year’s NorDevCon

Conference hosts, Naked Element are please to bring you a series of hands-on workshops to make sure you gain as much as possible from the conference and go away confident that you’re able to implement all the techie tips and techniques you’ll learn throughout the day.

Continuous Inspection
Jason Gorman

Jason Gorman, chair for the Software Craftsmanship conference in the UK as well as a seasoned conference contributor, has worked for some of the biggest names around. In this session Jason looks at continuously delivery and maintains that it’s not sustainable without Clean Code.

Jason discusses how continuous Inspection is the missing discipline in Continuous Delivery and participants will learn how to implement Continuous Inspection using readily available off-the-shelf tools like Checkstyle, Simian, Emma, Java/NDepend and Sonar, as well as rigging up our own bespoke code quality tests using more advanced techniques with reflection and parser generators like ANTLR.

Delegates will also learn about key Continuous Inspection practices that can be used to more effectively manage the process and deliver more valuable results, like Non-functional Stories, Clean Code Check-ins, Build Inspections and Rising Tides (a practice that can be applied to incrementally improving the maintainability of legacy code).

Build Smarter Systems with Rainbird

Dom Davis

Rainbird’s Dom Davis leads this hands on workshop where you’ll get to grips with the basics of Rainbird and building a knowledge map. No technical expertise beyond basic computer literacy is required for this workshop as it will focus mainly around Rainbird graphical editor and publishing to a website/wordpress. For users wanted to move onto more advanced subjects an understanding of XML would be useful.

Continuous Integration and Deployment with AWS

Ian Massingham

Join this hands on session with Amazon Web Services and learn why the AWS cloud is a good place to continuously integrate and deploy applications developed in a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. Ian Massingham, a Technical Evangelist at AWS will open the session with a discussion of existing AWS customers that are using the AWS cloud for CI/CD and move to to a hands on demo where AWS will guide you through deploying a CI/CD tool and using this with AWS deployment services to implement CD for a sample application.

You will need:

  • A pre-existing AWS account. If you do not have one, please sign up before this session.

AWS will provide:

  • AWS credits to enable you to work through building your CI/CD environment at no cost to you.

Pre-conference special & dinner

You can now RSVP for the pre-conference special and dinner on the evening of Thursday 26th of February(the evening before the conference). If you're able to make it, please do come along to both. The details are below.

Everyone is welcome at both events and you don't need to attend the conference to attend the pre-conference events.

Pre-conference Special with Allan Kelly and Kevlin Henney

Thursday, 26th February 2015 @ 5pm
The Kings Centre, Norwich

The Rule of Three - Kevin Henney

The three-act play, the given–when–then BDD triptych, the three steps of the Feynman problem solving algorithm... a surprising number of things appear to come in threes. This talk walks through — and has some fun with — a number of triples that affect and are found in software development.

Every business is a software business - Allan Kelly

Pre-conference Dinner at All Bar One

Thursday, 26th February 2015 @ 7.30pm
All Bar One, Norwich

This year the pre-conference dinner will be at All Bar One (a short walk from the Kings Centre) at 7.30pm. All are welcome and the fixed price menu is here:

View the menu.

When you RSVP you'll need to pay £11 for the meal and then for your drinks on the night. Please specify a starter, main meal and dessert when you RSVP.

Student & Unemployed Discounts

If you’re a student or are unemployed you can attend NorDevCon for just £25 + fees. If you purchase a discounted ticket you will be required to prove your status when you register on the morning of the conference.

Click here for student tickets and here for unemployed tickets.

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