Monday, 30 June 2014

MobDevCon Lite: Paul Lammertsma, Google Cast & Matteo Manferdini, iOS toolbox

What: MobDevCon Lite: Paul Lammertsma, Google Cast & Matteo Manferdini, iOS toolbox

When: Wednesday 9th July @ 6.30pm

Where: Whitespace, 2nd Floor, St James' Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN


We had to cancel MobDevCon, but all is not lost! We're running a MobDevCon Lite as part of Norfolk Developers with keynote speaker Paul Lammertsma and Matteo Manferdini.

We're holding MobDevCon Lite at Whitespace at St. James' Mill. Places are limited to 30 so be quick!

Google Cast

Paul is CTO and co-founder of Pixplicity, Holland’s leading Android- specific consulting and app-building company. He applies his knowledge of Java, Android and Linux in Pixplicity to develop high-quality apps and provide technical solutions for customers such as Mercedes-Benz, Parkmobile, Nestlé, De Telegraaf and De Consumentenbond.

Google recently launched Google Cast, a technology that enables devices to control content over multiple screens. This simple principle enables small, handheld devices to send and control media on larger devices, such as a television. The platform is easy to get started with and is a delight to play with! I’ll demonstrate creating our very MobDevCon Android and Google Cast app and getting content to display on a $35 Chromecast dongle! I’ll expand on the extensibility of the platform and show ways in which you can enhance your existing apps to benefit from the Big Screen.

iOS toolbox: must know technologies for iOS development 

Matteo is a software and business consultant specialized in iOS and Mac OS X. He has developed and published several apps, alone and for different clients, and has been a co-founder of New Lemurs, where he was the main developer on the first product. He runs a consultancy named Pure Creek, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has been one of the founders of Appsterdam, where he was the Speakers Bureau coordinator for almost three years, organizing the weekly lectures and giving speaker training. He's also a teacher and trainer in programming and iOS, he's spoken at different conferences and he's currently writing a book on learning iOS by example.

As the iOS platform has evolved over the years, Apple has introduced many useful technologies to help developers ship quality apps. While some technologies are useful only in specific cases, many new and old ones should be in the toolbox of any iOS developer as they are required for the development of most apps. In this talk we will have a look at the functioning of many of them and to the general design patterns for iOS development.

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