Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Norfolk Tech Journal Issue 04 Out Now!

So here we are nearly twelve months on from the hugely successful SyncConf, the first conference of its kind to be held in Norwich. The February Agile and tech conference baton has been passed from SyncNorwich to Norfolk Developers and now is Norfolk Developers’ time to shine and shine it will. In the pages of this issue of the Norfolk Tech journal you will find all the details of the Norfolk Developers Conference (NorDevCon), the Virgin Wines reception and the conference dinner. In terms of content it is already Norfolk’s biggest tech event. Now it just needs people like YOU to come along and enjoy what is guaranteed to be a fantastic day. You will also find details of how to buy a ticket.

You’re holding in your hands (or reading online, etc) the fourth issue of the Norfolk Tech Journal. I don’t remember when the idea for the Norfolk Tech Journal popped into my head. It will have been sometime in 2013, but I am not sure when. The first posts started going onto the website in late August and have continued at a rate of at least one new post every working day. That’s in the order of 21 posts a month (minimum). The contributors to the Norfolk Tech Journal have been very generous – thank you all!

The first and second PDF and printed journals were published in early November and early December respectively. The third one, a Rainbird and TechCrunch special was published in early January. The biggest problem is always deciding what not to include in the printed version to keep the printing costs down while we find advertisers to help pay for printing and production.

The NTJ has come a long way in a short period of time, but there is further to go. To really put Norfolk on the technology map we need more! More visits to the website. More downloads of the PDF journal. More recipients of the paper journal. More advertisers. More writers. More editors. More web publishers. More wordpress/PHP developers. A project manager would be very useful as well! If you would like to get involved in the Norfolk Tech Journal, please drop me an email to paul@nakedelement.co.uk.

As Darren Cook pointed out recently on google+, the NTJ has an extremely willing and able team behind it and it just would not have happened without: Akshata Javalirao, Beccy Johnson, Boydlee Pollentine, Cat Landin, Jane Chittenden, Julie Bishop, Mick Schonhut, Paul Sparkes, Robin Silcock, Scott Ranger, Sean Clark and Shelley Burrows (if I’ve forgotten you, rest assured your contribution is greatly appreciated!).

Extra special thanks go to Caroline Hargreaves, Dom Davis, Geraint Williams and Chris J. Bennett. The NTJ just wouldn’t have got this far without you.

The Norfolk Tech Journal is out now and can be downloaded for free here.

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