Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lucy Porter Northern Soul

Lucy Porter touched my bottom!! Ok, so it’s not because she fancied me and I really must stop pretending that it was. It was because I hugged her and she’s a little bit shorter than me and I’m sure it was unintentional. Still, I can dream….

Lucy Porter is by far my favorite comedian. I’ve seen her a few times before and I was thrilled to meet her on this occasion and to tell her my story. We were quite early and she’d only just arrived at the venue. I’d seen Lucy at the Norwich Arts Centre in 2005 and part of her act then was complaining she was single. I am sure had I not gone with a friend of mine that I really fancied at the time I would have asked her to marry me! Lucy laughed, smiled and asked Charlotte how long we’d been married when I told her. Lucy was lovely and I really appreciated her taking the time to stop and talk to us.

When I meet celebrities (don’t get me wrong it doesn’t happen very often and please don’t ask me about the time I met Joe Elliott from Def Leppard) afterwards I get quite shy and start feeling they must think I’m a stalker! To avoid this as much as possible we sat in the second row. Until someone from the venue came and asked us, and the people next to us, to sit in the front row. Luckily Lucy decided to pick on the guy behind us with a beard! Although that may of been because she thought I was a stalker!

Lucy’s show was of course brilliant. For me at least it was all new material, except for the hen and stag party joke she does. There was nothing about Mother Teresa moisturising this time! It was interesting to hear how she’d got herself into trouble with the people of Derby! Sadly I suspect the threats to move to Norwich were just that. There were two halves and all too soon it was over and we were heading off back into the cold and rain. I’ll certainly be making the effort to see her next time in Norwich and maybe one day I’ll get to Edinburgh.

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