Friday, 19 April 2013

SyncNorwich: Big Data in the AWS Cloud + More

Last night was the first SyncNorwich that I have managed to get to this year and it was fantastic. There was a real buzz and the eagerly anticipated speakers did not disappoint. It was also good to catch with a lot of people from the early days of Validus.

First up was Richard Churchill of Service Tick. They’re doing some incredible stuff in the cloud with NoSQL databases. Richard was very engaging and is clearly bey passionate about what he is doing. Service Tick also boast one of the best DBAs I have ever worked with.

Next up was Ben Taylor from Validus talking about their migration of their claims handling system to the cloud. Ben is now Technology Director at Validus. I remember interviewing and hiring him for a Java developer role about 5 years ago. Lots of things have changed since then and Ben did a superb job tonight.

Unfortunately I had to leave early and missed Robin Meehan of Smart421’s presentation on big data in the AWS cloud. However I have heard from a number of people since that it was superb.

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