Saturday, 2 March 2013

Threshold Underworld 2013

I haven’t been to the Underworld for a long time. I’m not even sure who the last band I saw there was. I have a feeling it may have been Deathstars. It’s a superb little venue with a great sound system and friendly staff!

First up tonight were Cryptex, an interesting band from Germany with a really quirky sense of humor. Next up were Enochian Theory, a superb progressive rock & metal band. I was really impressed and bought their latest album, which the singer / guitarist signed “Thanks Paul, keep it disco”.

Threshold are my favorite band, they have been since 2006 and I think they’re amazing. They did not disappoint tonight. With a set primarily from the new album, March of Progress the band played a blinder. I had to feel sorry for Pete Morton who was having technical difficulties which appeared at the beginning of Coda, the first song that he wrote for Threshold that they were playing live. Damian was of course on great form and had a real connection with the crowd. Let’s hope they get the UK tour they clearly want and that they come to Norwich.

Mission Profile
Don’t Look Down
Part of the Chaos
Pilot in the Sky of Dreams
Staring at the Sun
Long Way Home
The Rubicon


Before the show I managed to get Johanne James’ signature on my copy of March of Progress and after the show I collected signatures from the rest of the band and got photos with Damian and Karl. I’ll admit it, I was a complete groupie. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Karl Groom is an even better guitar player than David Gilmour and I was thrilled to meet him tonight. It was also great to catch up with Pete Morten and to meet Grace finally in person after conversing on facebook. Damian was mobbed as usual after diving into the crowd, but I managed to get a signature on I Am Anonymous too.

Roll on Kingston in May!

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