Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Deicide Norwich 2013

I’ve had even less luck seeing Deicide than Devin Townsend up to now. A couple of years ago they were meant to be playing up North, so I bought, a ticket booked a hotel and then the tour got cancelled because they decided to trash their tour bus on the first night of the tour. Then they were meant to be playing at Bloodstock, but their performance there got cancelled. So when Deicide booked a gig at the Waterfront in Norwich I was very excited (everyone in the office will testify to that!). Of course those in the know (Andrew Martyn) were taunting me that it was only the start of the countdown to cancellation.

With three support bands it was always going to start early. The doors opened at 7pm and I joined the queue outside the Waterfront as normal, only to discover that the long queue was for the band playing downstairs (Cancer Bats). So I got straight in and straight upstairs to where Sweetest Delivery were already playing. They were good but a bit all over the place. You don’t often see keyboards so prominently in a death metal band, but it worked really well.

Next up was Destinity, a french technical death metal band. If Slipknot did death metal, this is how I would imagine they would sound with a combination of strong clean vocals and death metal growls. Others I spoke to thought they were boring. I liked them enough to buy a CD and it’s very good.

Then came Karnak, a morbid angel like death metal band from Brazil. Very heavy. Very good. Bought a CD and it’s just as intense as their live performance.

It was clear when Deicide hit the stage at 9.40pm that we weren’t going to get the full set from even the previous night in France.It was also strange that on the tour to promote the To Hell with God album that they didn’t play the title track. However they did play a blinding set that was well worth the wait. I’ve complained about the PA at the Waterfront before and it didn’t do Deicide any favours tonight, but you could still tell they were playing well. The twin (bald) guitarists just oozed class all the way through the performance and Glen Benton was just how I expected him to be.

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