Saturday, 20 October 2012

SyncNorwich 5: Local Startup Stories: The Money Centre & mBaSo

Date: Thursday 15th Novemver 2012

Time: 6pm

Location: Blurtit (TBC)


Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander started a business from a bungalow in Old Catton which grew to rank 38 in The Times Profit Track 100 in 2008. That business was called The Money Centre, a commercial finance brokerage which generated over 90% of its leads via online marketing. Since retiring from that business in 2009 Mark started a blog about his buy to let property portfolio which has attracted 173,000 subscribers and is ranked by Amazon’s Alexa algorithm in the UK’s top 2,000 most popular websites. To put that into perspective, ranks ahead of the Norwich City Football Club and Aviva websites!!!

Expect a fun packed 40 minutes as Mark shares his incredibly inspirational stories and a few “party games” he’s designed for business purposes. It’s not often that a Norwich based millionaire who’s made his money off the back of a tech start up and who is also a renowned motivational speaker will give up time so freely so DO NOT miss out on this fantastic one off opportunity to meet him.


mBaSo is a new direct to fan online music platform for Music Artists and their Fans. Based in Norwich but with global ambitions, Juliana Meyer and Mike Diplock will talk about the idea behind the platform and why they decided to take this journey. mBaSo is in alpha testing in November so it's very early days and they will be welcoming feedback from the audience, and would love to hear from anyone who'd be interested in getting involved. They have a few different roles available for collaboration.

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