Saturday, 20 October 2012

SyncNorwich 4 Reviews

SyncNorwich 4 was the best attended SyncNorwich event so far with around 80 people. We heard from Daniel Wagner Hall, who was talking about testing at google and Simon "Agile Pirate" Cromarty who did an iteration planning workshop. Our hosts for this event were Epic Studios who provided us with a huge space!

Building and Testing software at Google Scale Review by Matthew Draycott

I really enjoyed Daniel's talk at this week's SyncNorwich event - he took a difficult topic (Software Testing) and presented it in an engaging way; injecting humour throughout to hold the audiences interest for nearly two hours! I've never been a great one for testing anything but Daniels convincing arguments supported by lessons he's learnt at Google are enough to make anyone re-evaluate their opinions on the topic and see why it's a crucial element of the development / release process - if you missed this, you missed a stonker!

Iteration Planning Review by Vickie Allan

I am a Trainee Oracle Database Analyst and I only started my role 3 weeks ago, however after being invited I attended the Iteration and Planning workshop at the Sync Norwich event on the 19th October. Whilst having very limited understanding of how the agile process works, and having never done any sprint planning before this workshop was a real eye-opener to the work that goes into planning a project, and also it was weird how my preconceptions on how to plan which were mainly formed from coursework plans at school, were similar to the others in the group, who were all much more experienced than me. Even though I had little knowledge everyone was happy to explain things to me, and I felt like I learnt a lot about how other companies plan their sprints.  The presenter was friendly and he kept the workshop fun and light-hearted, which was particularly good for me as it kept me from feeling completely lost. Whilst I feel a lot of the information went over my head, I have retained lots of information, and feel like I did learn from the workshop. I would definitely go again in order to keep building on my knowledge.

The video is available here.

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