Thursday, 19 July 2012

XTC 17th July 2012

Last night I took Stewart Blackburn (@BoroIpswich), an Agile East Anglia and now SyncNorwich (@syncnorwich) regular to his first Extreme Tuesday Club (@extremetuesday) at the Bishop's Finger near St. Paul's in central London. I enjoy going to London for the evening and there was a small welcoming committee at Liverpool street including my friend and old boss (twice!) Burkhard Kloss (@georgebernhard), Steve Love (@iamstevelove) and Frances Buontempo (@fbuontempo). After a quick drink most of us headed off towards the Bishop's Finger.

This was my first time at the Bishop's Finger for Extreme Tuesday. It’s an improvement over the previous pub as we had an upstairs room to ourselves and the food was excellent. There was already a small group deep in conversation, including Nigel Charman (@nigel_charman), who had flown over from New Zealand and Giovanni Asproni (@gasproni). It's always good to catch up with Giovani as he has a wealth of experience to tap into and we had a long chat about my current contract.

Later in the evening we were joined by more people, about 20 in total, including Phil Nash (@phil_nash), Allan Kelly (@allankellynet) and Liz Keogh (@lunivore). I was keen to see Liz again after she'd given a stunning presentation on Behavior Driven Development at the final Agile East Anglia. However, as is not unusual I ended up deep in conversation with Allan Kelly and Phil Nash. Catching up with Liz is something I hope to do properly next time.

All too soon it was 9pm and Stewart and I had to leave for the train. It’s a shame because I heard it went on quite late and I would have liked to continue all the conversations. There’s always next time....

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