Friday, 6 July 2012

1st SyncNorwich leaves me high....

At lunchtime today I was sat in a Thai restaurant on timbre hill (those who regularly meet me for lunch will know it) with a good friend and colleague of mine. We often get together to chew the fat over the job, our families and start-up ideas. Not long after we sat down he told me I was looking unusually well. I didn’t have to think about it for long because I felt great and I knew why.

The past few months have been an exercise in keeping my feet on the ground. Under the name Agile East Anglia I have organised and run three well attended events and come away from each with an amazing feeling of achievement and usually totally shattered. During those months I was exceptionally lucky to meet John Fagan, Seb Butcher, Stephen Pengilley and Juliana Meyer. All like minded individuals who were either running their own groups or keen to get involved in running a group. It wasn’t long before we decided to collaborate and last night was the first SyncNorwich event, hopefully of many.

The Magic 5

SyncNorwich was attended by around 60 people, which was twice the maximum Agile East Anglia attendance. After all the hard work we put in the event just seemed to run itself. We received so much positivity and positive feedback from the crowd. Although I left the pub at 10.30pm I heard tell of a group of people partying at a club to 3am.

Needless to say, SyncNorwich was the reason I was feeling out of this world!

I could go on to tell you what happened and how good the speakers were, or I could just point you to the reviews that have started to be published:

A Very Social Network by Beccy Johnston

SyncNorwic Review by Vaughan Clarke

5-4-3-2-1 lift off for SyncNorwich by Smart421

Lets Make Norwich England's Other City for Start-ups by Richard Patey

SyncNorwich by Brad Koehler


  1. It was a remarkably good event. I think the scale of it was ground-breaking for Norwich. There will doubtless be much productivity coming from it. Thanks to you and to all those who organised this. It's helping put Norwich on the map as a tech-centre!

    Oh, btw any chance of getting the slides from the presentations??


    Paul @ Fitsolve.

  2. On Thursday I attended the launch of SyncNorwich - Norwich's newly formed Tech & startup community - hosted at the Blurtit offices in the Norwich City centre. Ironically I am not a techie and have no intention of starting a business of my own, but I was kindly invited by Paul who is fully aware of my curious nature and thirst for knowledge.
    The warmth of the Blurtit venue very much matched the warmth of all those that I had a chance to meet. As a relative outsider to the true techy community, I found the presentations both enjoyable and informative, I especially empathised with Kathryn's talk on entering the techy world. Colm McMullen's talk/autobiography regarding his football based app development was both inspiring and enthralling. I have always been a firm believer in sticking "to what you are good at" and Colm has taken this to the highest levels by quitting his unsatisfactory day job and committing himself to develop his full time hobby - a football based app.
    It is with regret that I could not take up the offer to continue the meeting at "The Woolie" with drinks kindly funded by the Smart421 team, but I very much look forward to the next gathering. And not just for the beer I add hastily...