Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Noise Within

Ian Whates
ISBN: 978-1906735647

I really liked this book. It’s quite short at only 336 pages, which meant it was a fast read and I could get into quickly. Of course it’s not Alastair Reynolds. It’s a good story that is clearly heavily inspired by Peter F. Hamilton and Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001/2010 novels. I loved the talking gun, the conspiracies, the action and the risque parts. My favorite scene was towards the end when one of the characters is killed by a kiss from a beautiful woman.

Is it space opera? Almost. I think there’s a wider scope of imagination needed. There’s certainly potential. This feels like a first novel and a quick look at Ian Whates’ website certainly suggests that it’s one of his early ones. I will be reaching for the sequel very soon as I need the answers to the cliff hangers.

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