Thursday, 22 September 2011

An Introduction to the WPF with the MVVM - Part 2

Originally published in CVu.

In part 1 of An Introduction to the Windows Presentation Foundation with Model-View-ViewModel I introduced the Canon application. I used it to introduce you to simple WPF UI development and the Model-View-ViewModel pattern including simple binding and commands.

Part 2 is focused around making the GUI look more aesthetically pleasing and introducing menus and tool bars and demonstrating system commands. I'll start off by introducing images.

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Parts 1 & 2 combined can be found here.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for a great tutorial.
    I have one question.
    On the internet you can find many guides on C # and MVVM design pattern but I miss the one that describes how you can save and load data from a file that you gave at the time of application to work with her. I searched in google but could not find such a tutorial that would show how to load or save the model to a file. Can anyone knows any, and would like to share a link?