Thursday, 26 November 2009

Threshold at the Garage 2009

Pythia, a fairly good female fronted metal band, were up first. The matching tshirts were a bit much , as was the shrill, slightly irritating singer. Overall I quite liked them, but not enough to be persuaded to buy their CD from the merchandise stand.

Serenity, who were up next, completely blew me away. An absolutely superb prog/power metal band. They were heavy in places along with great ballads and an exceptionally strong signer. They did persuade me to part with money for both of their CDs!

Threshold are always superb. Plain and simple. They played lots of old stuff as well as some new stuff. I loved it all. The guitar sound wasn't mixed properly in critical mass, which was a shame, and I had to leave early to get a tube. I only missed Mission Profile, Pilot in the Sky of Dreams and Slipstream, but given that they are three of their best songs, I did miss out.

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