Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bitter Chilli

Readers of this blog could be forgiven for thinking I mostly use it to whinge about poor customer service, but it's happened again.

Charlotte and I went out for Valentines day last night. I'd booked us a table at Sweet Chilli in Norwich. When we got there we discovered that they were only doing set menus at a minimum of £25 a head. This wasn't mentioned when I booked.

Neither Charlotte or I wanted to eat a starter, main and desert, let alone pay over £50 for a meal we couldn't choose. So shortly after our drinks arrived we got up and walked out. I explained the situation and exactly why we were leaving and asked to pay for the drinks, but unsurprisingly I didn't have to pay.

Amazingly we managed to get a table at old faithful, Pizza Express just across the road and we only had to wait about twenty minutes. We couldn't get the table we wanted, but the service was excellent and the food as good as ever.

After a few drinks in the Marquee we had a great night.

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