Friday, 16 January 2009

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (2)

by Martin Fowler (ISBN: 978-0321127426)

I've now finished reading all the patterns and it all makes very good sense. I am much happier about how I should be separating database code from domain models and it's always reassuring to read about patterns you didn't realise you were already using and to get a name for them.

In places it is heavy going, for someone like me without much formal Enterprise Application development experience. Some of the pattern descriptions are longer and go into more minute detail than are needed.

I was disappointed, as I usually am with pattern books to find that the use of singleton is encouraged, under certain circumstances, with no discussion of the disadvantages.

Martin Fowler is certainly one of my favourite technical anthers. I enjoy his sense of humour and his clear pragmatic approach to explaining things.

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