Saturday, 3 January 2009

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

by Martin Fowler (ISBN: 978-0321127426)

In the next 12 months I am likely to be designing and getting my team to build at least two Enterprise Applications. Although it's now something I realise I have done in the past (although not the way I'm likely to need to do it in the future) I only really became aware of what an Enterprise Application was in the last few days when I started Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. I've just read Part I and have dropped a small mint in pennies. A lot of the concerns I have about developing the systems are addressed in the book. I've been concerned about all sorts of things such as:
  • Maintaining data integrity when it is accessed concurrently by multiple users
  • Whether services should be stateful or not
  • Strategies for distributing systems
  • Strategies for the client
All of these, and more, are covered by the book. It's a patterns book, so it doesn't give answers or a single way to fix problems. It describes a number of different possible approaches from different angles.

I'm about to start reading Part II of the book, which actually has the patterns.

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