Friday, 7 December 2007

Leaving London

I’m on the train back from London to Norwich for the last time (well, that’s not quite true, I’m coming back for the ACCU Christmas party in a weeks time) with very mixed feelings.

I’ve been well known for quite a while, in certain circles, for disliking London. When I started working there 14 months ago I got a lot of stick from those circles. I like London a lot more now than when I moved there initially, but I’ll never get to grips with vast numbers of people completely absorbed in an oblivious world of their own.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working for Narrowstep and the people are wonderful, so I’m disappointed to be leaving. On the other hand, having not slept in the same bed for more than ten consecutive nights in the last two years (at least) I’m looking forward to some stability and regular sleeping patterns, not to mention seeing my wife every day. You never know, I may even stop feeling tired all the time and grace the waterfront a little more often.

Here’s to rediscovering Norwich…..

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