Friday, 16 December 2016

NorDev: Pre-Conference Special

Pre-Conference Special: Machine Learning & Take the risk out of Digital Marketing

Warm up for the main conference day with the pre-conference special.

Date: Thursday, 23rd February 2017

Time: 5.30pm – 7pm

Location: The King’s Centre, Norwich City Centre


Take the risk out of Digital Marketing
Marcus Hemsley
Fountain Partnership

In this talk Marcus Hemsley will outline how the most successful Digital Marketing Campaigns minimise risk through accurate forecasting and testing. He will outline the three most important numbers to consider before you take a product or service to market, and discuss the most common mistake businesses make when launching a new marketing campaign. He will conclude the talk by running through the most effective strategies for business growth in 2017.

Machine Learning
Darren Cook,
QQ Trend

Darren will be speaking about machine learning, specifically with H2O, a fast, scalable, open source machine learning system with APIs in R, Python, CoffeeScript (and quite a few others). After an introduction there will be a live coding session to show using deep learning on a hard machine learning problem. There might even be time for Q&A and to give away a couple of copies of my book: Practical Machine Learning with H2O, published by O’Reilly. All in 30 minutes.

Pre-Conference Dinner

Location: The Library Restaurant, Norwich City Centre

Time: 7.30pm – late

Price: £30 pp

An intimate dinner at a lovely local restaurant, limited to 25 places. Attended by speakers and organisers and affiliated sponsors and guests.

Find the menu here


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