Sunday, 13 March 2016

SQL Workshops are coming back to Norwich – have your say.

On 19th January this year Norfolk Developers ran the ‘An introduction to working with a relational database using SQL’ workshop. We would like to know what sort of follow-up SQL workshop(s) you would be interested attending. We’re also intending to run the same beginners workshop again, so if you’re interested in attending, please join:

Huw LLoyd has very kindly provided us with the following ideas for follow-up workshops:

(1) For a 'follow up' course/workshop (i.e. for people who attended the first and want to go further), a natural progression is to build upon the central idea of the introductory workshop which is notion of databases serving particular questions.

So we have:

i). What kinds of questions a database can support (recap and expansion).
ii) The kinds of questions we are interested in for some business function, and the implications for this in terms of record structures.
iii). The writing of richer queries, use of filters (where clause), functions (summation, count, average), and joins.

(2) For a separate day, people might also be interested in building sql scripts: transactions, use of temporary tables, possible use of variables.

(3) For programmers there are a number of design issues which could be highlighted with a day's workshop and discussion, central to this is the issue of impedance mismatch with respect to object-oriented class hierarchies.

(4) To round out the offering to 5 days, a day could also be spent on design considerations for record structures with respect to entity models and normalisation.

As you can see there are plenty of options for a single or multiple follow-up days. Please read through the suggestions and let me ( know which would be of interest to you. We’re also happy to tailor workshops, so if there are other aspects of SQL (or indeed anything else related to software) you would like to learn about please do let me know.

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