Thursday, 31 March 2016

Making Connections: Epos Now & Kevlin Henney

Norfolk is very lucky to have a thriving tech scene, one which supports growth and encourages its members to help each other where they can. Adrian Pickering from Epos Now experienced this firsthand when he was after an experienced educator for his developers and was introduced to Kevlin Henney.

Adrian saw Kevlin give a talk on ineffective coding habits in 2015 at the annual nor(DEV):con and thought he might be the right person to help train his developers. "He’s a world-class speaker and educator of object-orientated programming best practices.  More than just being hugely capable and knowledgeable, Kevlin is witty and charming, making his lectures pleasurable and memorable. He gave a two-day workshop on code quality, TDD and SOLID practices for our developers at Epos Now, with a lecture-style presentation on day one and a workshop on day two.”

"I ran a software craftsmanship seminar and workshop for them” says Kevlin "covering a range of development practices from alternative ways to think about code and techniques to testing approaches and how to improve their existing code and practices.”

Not being a native Norfolk-ian, Kevlin was in a unique position to see our tech scene from an unbiased point of view. "It seems to have a particular character, very much its own, well interconnected and vibrant. My hometown of Bristol has an increasing number of technical meetups, often very focused (by technology, by process or by discipline for example), and a couple of conferences, but the style and connectedness feels quite different.”

"There are a few key players in the Norfolk tech scene who are fundamental to its very existence and growth” Adrian explains. "These include Paul Grenyer, Huw Sayer, Fiona Lettice, John Fagan and Dom Davis (and countless others). They help to ensure that local events are inclusive and welcoming and their enthusiasm and drive are contagious.”

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