Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NorDev: Neo4j Workshop & Hybrid Mobile Project Next Week!

Is it really nearly December already? Of course nearly a new month means that NorDev is not too far away! Next week we have an extra special NorDev day for you. In the afternoon there is a Neo4j workshop with Ian Robinson of Neo Technology and in the evening a double header on mobile from IBM with Andrew Ferrier and Vladimir Kislicins. Full details are below. There are still spaces for, so please RSVP and come along. As always, if you are signed up and you can no longer make it, please let us know by updating your RSVP.

NorDev in January will be a little later than usual as the first Wednesday in January is the 1st of January and we suspect many of you will still be recovering from the night before. So NorDev will be on Wednesday 8th January. We have Aviva headlining and talking about an exchange programme they did with an Australian insurance firm who are very agile. Alongside Aviva we’ll be hearing from local firm Neontribe. Many of you will remember Harry Harrold from the question time event! We’re in for a very amusing evening!

Christmas Special with IBM: Hybrid Mobile Project 

Andrew Ferrier & Vladimir Kislicins

When: Wednesday 4th December 2013 @ 6.30pm

Where: Virgin Wines, 4th Floor, St James' Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich, NR3 1TN


The Norfolk Developers Christmas special is a double header on Mobile and IBM Worklight Best Practices from Andrew Ferrier and Vladimir Kislicins of IBM’s mobile division.

Hybrid Mobile Project - Best Practices and an Introduction to using IBM Worklight
In this presentation, we look at some of the best practices we have developed for working on hybrid Mobile Projects. We'll start with a brief recap of web and mobile development models, then focus on the content within the hybrid container, building to discuss JavaScript toolkits and frameworks, looking at how they make mobile web development more straightforward, and how a framework for structuring larger applications can help.

We'll then move on to talk about the IBM Worklight platform, providing an introduction and describing how it can be used to built some of these types of application. We'll talk about a few Worklight-specific best practices, then demonstrate some of the applications we have built for customers using this technology, showing a little under-the-covers.

Half Day Workshop: An Introduction to the Neo4j Graph Database

Ian Robinson

When: Wednesday 4th of December 2013, 1:00pm to 4:45pm

Where: The King's Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH


This is a half day (afternoon) workshop prior to the main Norfolk Developers event in the evening. You must sign up separately for the evening event if you wish to attend.

Neo4j is a JVM-based, open source graph database. With the power to store and query billions of highly connected, variably structured entities, it is ideally suited to solving complex network- and graph-oriented data problems. Today, Neo4j is employed in business-critical applications in domains as diverse as social networking, recommendations, datacenter management, logistics, entitlements and authorization, route finding, telecommunications network monitoring, fraud analysis, and many others.

This tutorial will show you how to develop a Neo4j-based graph database application. With a mixture of architecture and hands-on coding exercises, you'll quickly learn how to design a graph data model, write queries, and incorporate Neo4j into a server or desktop application. Topics include:

- Introduction to Neo4j
  - The property graph data model
  - Database features
  - Example use cases
- Creating and querying graph data
  - Cypher query language
  - Java APIs
- Building a graph database application
  - Application architectures
  - Data modeling
  - Testing

You don't need any previous experience of Neo4j to participate. You will, however, need some experience of Java, and a laptop with a Java IDE of your choice.

The venue for this event is provided by Naked Element Ltd.

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