Friday, 15 March 2013

Skunk Anansie

The last time I saw Skunk Anansie at the UEA in Norwich, on the Wonderlustre tour, they were amazing. Wonderlustre was weak, but the band was fantastic as the songs were much heavier live. This time around, even though the new album Black Traffic was only 35 minutes it was a solid 35 minutes. The songs still translated to live well, but there was too much bass throughout the show which rather spoiled the sound. I still enjoyed it, but there weren’t enough songs I knew. Skin of course put on a superb performance. Charisma oozing out into the audience. Unfortunately the UEA was at around half capacity. I suspect a few people balked at paying £24 for a ticket. We nearly did.

The support band, Your Army were also very good. Other than Enochian Theory supporting Threshold two weeks ago, I haven’t enjoyed a support band so much for a long time! They weren’t enough of my sort of thing to buy their album, but I enjoyed them while they were on.

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