Wednesday, 19 September 2012

SyncNorwich 3: Kanban: What is it good for?

Thursday 13th September saw another hugely successful SyncNorwich with attendance from around 65 people. This time around we were at the Kings Centre on Kings Street and our hosts were Business Revolution. Again, Smart421 supplied the beer, James Neale Photography took the photographs and we were joined for the first time by Lambda Films who filmed the main presentation. The film can be found here.

The main presentation was given by Benjamin Mitchell, a well known Agile consultant who is based near London. He gave us an extremely engaging and entertaining talk on Kanban entitled “Kanban: What is it good for? An introduction illustrated with war stories”. Benjamin clearly knows his stuff and just oozes charisma. The reviews linked below go into more detail. I’m very much hoping that Benjamin will come back and speak to us again.

We’re still finalising a venue for the next main SyncNorwich event. It will be on Thursday 18th October and feature Daniel Wagner-Hall speaking about testing at google and Simon “Agile Pirate” Cromarty doing a workshop on Agile planning. You can sign up here.

We’re also taking SyncNorwich to Aviva on 4th of October. This is an event for Aviva staff and will see a return of a handful of the most popular lightning talks from the August event.

Finally, some people from SyncNorwich will be taking part in the Norwich Half Marathon. If you would like to join them you can sign up here

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  1. Hi Paul,

    You hint at video of the presentation - is it available anywhere?

  2. The film is available here: