Friday, 13 February 2009

Paul Carrack

My dad and I have been Mike and Mechanics fans since the Living Years and he's been nagging me for a long time to keep an eye out for them player. Alas it seems this is unlikely to happen again, so when Paul Carrack came to the Theatre Royal in Norwich we figured it was the closest we could get. I really didn't expect him to play any Mike and Mechanics songs, as he has his own extensive back catalogue, so we were pleasantly surprised to get Another Cup of Coffee, Cool Runnings, The Living Years and Over My Shoulder.

It was a strange gig. The first half was cut a little short and the band instructed to perform a different closer. Just before the second half it was announced that Mr Carrack was suffering from Influenza and expected his voice to go before the end of the set. We were offered the opportunity to leave and have a full refund from his personal pocket. No one left, Paul's voice did go, but everyone had a great time, especially his keyboard player who too over lead vocals a few times.

The thing is, we'll have to go and see him again now!

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