Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lacuna Spellbound

Lacuna Coil are one of those bands where I've bought every album only to discover I only really like one of them in it entirety and then odd tracks here and there. The album I like is In a Reverie and the odd tracks I like most are Swamped and Heaven's a Lie from Comalies. Comalies, and indeed Unleashed Memories are good albums, but I get board very quickly and there's nothing to keep my attention. The much anticipated Karamcode was simply rubbish and therefore I didn't play it more than a couple of times.

I've seen Lacuna Coil live three times and every time they were disappointing with little stage presence. They certainly couldn't compete with their genre counterparts Nightwish.

Today I heard the track Spellbound, from the new album on thier MySpace page. Although it's only three and a bit minutes long it gives me hope for the new album, Shallow Life, out in April.

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